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Statement from Our Coaches

Under the guidance of an exceptional coaching staff, our Troy Aquatics teams offer our student-athletes the opportunity to experience meaningful growth, accomplishments, and success through a comprehensive, competitive, and vibrant interscholastic athletic program. This happens as the participants develop athletic skills while fostering the value of teamwork, individual improvement, and competition, along with encouraging the development of lifelong physical fitness.

Dear Warriors,

Success in aquatics can be defined in many ways. Achieving personal best records, setting and accomplishing goals, the willingness to accept challenges, the understanding that pushing past discomfort results in growth, and supporting teammates both in and out of the water are the facets that lead to success. When the practices end and the meets and matches are over, our Warriors should walk away from Troy’s aquatic program with an appreciation for mental toughness, physical endurance, and the importance of working as a team.


Most importantly, our program enables our athletes, the opportunity to learn lasting life lessons in the value of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship, learning to overcome adversity, and achieving success, all while maintaining Troy’s signature character expectations that all students adhere to. Achievements in swimming, diving, and water polo, requires discipline, perseverance, and endurance. Our student-athletes exemplify these traits. They are sport men and women, who compete without compromising their academic responsibilities and embody what a true Warrior is.


Troy fosters this level of excellence through dedicated coaching and quality training. By participating on our sport teams, student-athletes are presented significant opportunities to become involved with their peers and coaches in an educational experience outside the classroom. This title-winning athletic program provides a myriad of opportunities for a healthy athletic experience for all athletes, regardless if you are an aspiring collegiate athlete, or joining an interscholastic athletic team for the first time.


We are Troy,

The Troy Aquatics Coaching Staff



Troy Aquatics board meetings are open and all are welcome to attend. Please contact your team's Vice President if you wish to join us for dates and times.

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