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DINNER ON DECK: Night of Unity and Victory as Fratellino's Italian Restaurant Hosts Swim & Dive Team Bonding

Jun 1, 2023



Team bonding is an essential aspect of any sports season, fostering unity and camaraderie among athletes. For the Troy High School Swim & Dive Team, the 2023 season kicked off with a memorable team bonding experience the night before their crucial swim meet against Buena Park. Afterwards, hosted on the deck, the event was made extraordinary by the generous support of Fratellino's Italian Restaurant, a longstanding ally of Troy's athletic community.

Fratellino's Italian Restaurant provided catering for a delicious “Dinner On Deck” team bonding event as athletes gathered to mark the beginning of a Championship season. The deck was abuzz with excitement as athletes eagerly lined up to partake in a scrumptious meal provided by Fratellino's Italian Restaurant.

The Feast:

As the Troy High School student-athletes lined up to indulge in the mouthwatering spread prepared by Fratellino's, the athletes were treated to a delectable selection of pastas and salads, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere, in which they are still talking about his signature Alfredo dish an mouth-watering salads. This feast served as a precursor to the Dive Team's first "Dual in the Pool" competition and the subsequent swim meet against Buena Park High School. The joyous occasion was marked by the unity of the team, fueled by the delicious offerings from Fratellino's.

Fratellino's Italian Restaurant has been a stalwart supporter of Troy High School's athletes, and their involvement in the team's first bonding experience added a special touch to the event. The restaurant's commitment to the local community and its passion for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle were evident in the quality of the catering provided.

A heartfelt thank you was extended to Mr. Lomelli and the entire team at Fratellino's Italian Restaurant for their gracious support. Their generosity went beyond merely providing a meal; it symbolized a shared commitment to the success and well-being of the Troy High School Swim & Dive Team.

The acknowledgment of Fratellino's as a key contributor to this team bonding experience emphasizes the importance of community partnerships in the success of high school athletic programs. Such collaborations foster a sense of community pride and demonstrate the positive impact local businesses can have on the lives of student-athletes.

The "Dinner On Deck" team bonding event hosted by Fratellino's Italian Restaurant set the tone for the Troy High School Swim & Dive Team's 2023 season. The support from this local establishment not only enhanced the culinary experience for the athletes but also underscored the significance of community backing in the pursuit of athletic excellence. As the team celebrated victories in the pool, they carried with them the memory of a night filled with unity, good food, and the unwavering support of Fratellino's Italian Restaurant.


Fratellino's Italian Restaurant

600 South Brea Boulevard

Brea, CA 92821



The Troy Aquatics Booster Association is a dedicated group of parents and supporters who play a vital role in funding the swim & dive program while enhancing the experiences of the student-athletes. Through their efforts, the association provides support for team events, training equipment, uniforms, and more, ensuring that the athletes have the resources they need to excel both in and out of the pool.

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