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Message from Head Coach Driessen
Requirements + Expectations
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 • All student-athletes must tryout each season and earn a spot on Troy High School's Swim and Dive Teams. This allows the coaching staff to properly assess individual skills and appropriately place athletes in the proper level. (i.e. Varsity, JV, and Frosh | Soph) 

 • All spots on Troy High School's Swim and Dive Teams must based on qualifications, attitude, and skillset. It is important to remember levels are fluid and this season's placement does not guarantee a return spot to Varsity / JV / Frosh | Soph next season.

• Things happen, in the case you are unavailable to attend any meets, it is mandatory to notify the coaches BEFORE missing the meet. ​

 • Arrange to speak with Coach Driessen regarding your participation in meets if you have any questions.​

 • It is expected and required for all swimmers to attend practices for the entire duration of the practice.

 • Swimmers who are on a competitive swim team outside of Troy High School, may continue to practice with that club team. You must get pre-approval from Coach Driessen.

 • Swimming is a team sport, it is expected to cheer on your teammates and participate in everything we do, and all Team Bonding and Team Social events!

 • Students enrolled in Advance Placement courses, obligated to attend extracurricular activities, and are experiencing immense stress, are encouraged to speak with Coach Driessen with any concerns.


 • When you finish a race, remain in the water until all competitors have also finished the race. Wait until the official blows the whistle indicating the race is over, then exit the pool.

 • Wish your opponents and teammates luck before stepping up, and congratulate them on a "job well done" before exiting the water.

 • If participating in a relay, kneel down or stay behind timers at the start, and cheer on your teammates during the entire race. 

 • Athletes are not permitted to deck change. If an official finds you deck changing, you will be disqualified from the entire meet. 

 • Swimsuits are to cover your body appropriately. If an official finds your suit not worn correctly or deemed too revealing, they can disqualify you from your current event.

 • Have caps and goggles on and ready before stepping onto the block, or into the water.

• Do not climb up onto the block until you hear the long whistle. The short whistles are to call you up behind the blocks.

• Stay out of the way of the meet officials and lane timers are all times.

• Always check in with a coach after a race.

• Remain positive towards teammates and opponents. There is no room or negativity, or foul language on the pool deck. 


             •  Swim Cap

             •  Goggles

             •  Swimsuit

             •  Fins

             •  Water Bottle

             •  Towel

             •  Warming Cloth

             •  Nutritious Snack(s)
             •  Positive Attitude



Please do not hesitate to reach out to Coach Driessen for mental health wellness relationship self-care questions. Coach Driessen is happy to refer you to the appropriate services In addition, please make an effort to check out the following links to access some helpful resources on your own:

 •  Troy's Calming Room

 •  Troy's Counseling Webpage

•  FJUHSD Resources

•  OC Support and Crisis Resources

•  National Alliance on Mental Illness (for OC)

•  On Campus Support @ THE LOUNGE

•  Warming Cloth

•  Nutritious Snack(s)
•  Positive Attitude

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