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D I V E  T E A M

Requirements + Expectations
Message from Coach McClellen


 All student-athletes must tryout each season and earn a spot on Troy High School's Swim and Dive Teams. The Dive Team is considered an interest-based team; however all-athletes are required to tryout each year so the coaching staff can properly assess individual skills and appropriately place athletes in the proper level. (i.e. Varsity, JV, and Novice.) 

Dive Team placement is based on qualifications, attitude, and skillset. Levels are fluid and this season's placement does not guarantee a return spot to Varsity / JV / Novice the following season. Dive takes a significant amount of time and effort.  Learning eleven dives is difficult, and to continuously improve upon them is even harder. Learning to complete dives with enough difficulty to be competitive will take more than one season.


Members of the Troy High School Dive Team must attend every practice and meet.


Student-Athletes are also expected to:

  • Have positive attitudes.

  • Continually challenge themselves.

  • Work with the coaching staff to set long and short-term goals.

  • Have unwavering commitment to the program and self-improvement.

  • Show coaches and fellow teammates respect all the time.

  • Embrace the dive culture.

  • Are strong role models.

  • Make the most of every practice.




High School Diving Competitions

For dual meets, each diver must complete 6 dives.  A six-dive list, is commonly known as a dual meet list. Divers are required to perform one voluntary dive and five optional dives for a total of six dives for each meet.  For championship meets, each diver must complete 11 dives which must include all dive categories.  Each dive is judged on a scale from 1 to 10 in 1/2 point increments by three judges. Those scores are added and multiplied by the degree of difficulty. 


The scores for all dives are added for a total diving score.

Dive Categories: Forward, Back, Inward, Reverse and Twist.  

The first 5 finishers score: 1st – 6 points; 2nd – 4 points; 3rd – 3 points; 4th – 2 points; 5th – 1 point. The degree of difficulty can be found here: FINA Table of Degrees of Difficulty




Many high school divers enter into their freshman year prepared to dive in high school having previously learned through clubs and lessons the fundamentals to be competitive.  Others new to the sport have little or no idea or preparation for what is required of them when they attend their first practice.

If this sounds familiar, during your time on the Novice level, athletes will learn the aspects of high school competition to better prepare themselves for interscholastic competition.

This is a great level to try the sport out, and commit to the season so you can see the what is expected of you going forward, the time commitment, and if you are up for the challenge.  Diving is not a sport that you will master in one season. It will require athletes to set long and short-term goals, and become patient and discipled as they move levels from Novice to JV and then Varsity. 



Student-athletes will be considered for the junior varsity level pending they successfully perform at least six (6) dives which will qualify athletes to compete in dual meets. A six-dive list, is commonly known as a dual meet list. 

Within a six-dive list, at least one (1) dive must come from each of the diving categories: forward, back, reverse, inward and twisting. The sixth dive may come from the category of the diver’s choice, but cannot be a previously used dive.




Student-Athletes selected to be a part of Troy High School’s Varsity Dive Team have the right attitude and can confidently perform 11 successful dives without failed attempts. 


Varsity Letters: Varsity letters for the Troy Dive Team are earned and given out at the discretion of the Athletic Department and the coaching staff. To qualify for a varsity letter, student-athletes must have performed on the varsity level for multiple years, have a positive attitude, continuously show self-improvement and leadership, and be in good academic standing.



Attendance is mandatory for all dive team practices. If you are unable to attend practice, you are required to contact Coach Rob ASAP to let him know of your absence and the length of time you will be unable to attend.

Student-athletes who find the most success in our high school dive program are those who dive in year-round programs. While Troy offers the spring program, summer session, and semi-private lessons with Coach Rob, it is encouraged to participate in an outside Club program throughout the fall and winter.


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