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As a part of the 2024 Swim & Dive Media Day, NFL, NCAA, ESPN, and Super Bowl photographer and videographer, Sky Black, will be on-deck photographing our student-athlete portraits and team photos. He will also be capturing action footage and creative shots for individuals interested in purchasing hype videos. 


Troy High School


Hype-Videos are available for purchase throughout the 2024 Season

Individual Athlete Portraits
Individual digital athlete portraits are priced at $30 for one pose. Each additional pose if available is $15. If you are interested in more than one pose (including action shots) please email for a special payment link. Varsity team photos are priced at $25 each.
Mini Hype- Video (1-child / :30)
Sky Black will capture footage of your student athlete during one of our swim meets perfect for sharing with friends on social media and adding it to their favorite social media platform. For more information, or to add special requests, please contact  to make arrangements after payment. Dates for local Fullerton swim meets during the regular season are available. COST: $125
Hype Video: Ratana Miller
Hype Preview Teaser Video: Jason He
Troy Swim & Dive Trailer: for 2024 Season Highlight
Mini Hype Video for Freeway League Prelims & Finals (1-child / :30)
Let Sky Black capture footage of your student-athlete in action and behind-the-scenes perfect for sharing with friends, family,  on social media and adding to their favorite social media platform. For more information, or to add special requests, please contact:   to make arrangements. COST: $150 for prelims and $200 for both prelims and finals.
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Individual Athlete Hype Video - Season Highlights

Sky will work closely with the athlete to come up with a vibe and music to set the tone of the video. Footage of athlete will be taken at one of the following home competitions. You can request a specific meet or tournament pending spots available. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • March: Troy vs. Rosary | Servite 

  • March: Troy vs. Fullerton

  • April: Troy vs. Buena Park (Senior Appreciation Day)

  • April: Troy’s Freeway League Prelims (Limited spots are available)

  • April: Troy’s Freeway League Championship (Limited spots are available)

Please note: f you are interested in more than one event, please email for pricing and availability.
COST: $250


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