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Last Updated  12/18/2023


Q: When does Swim & Dive Season Start?


Swim and Dive for both girls and boys are considered spring sports. Regular season practices begin in February, and pre-season practice kicks off in January upon return from Winter Break.  Team tryouts are held in November and team roster, registration, and schedules are posted by December 1st. Pre-season and Saturday practices begin in January for the swim team and the dive program will resume at the start of the regular season unless noted otherwise. To be eligible to practice and compete, the online athletic clearance process must be completed and approved by Troy’s Athletic Department before tryouts. Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA or higher to practice and/or compete throughout the season.

Q: What is the annual contribution for swim & dive?


Troy Aquatics Booster Association is a non-profit organization responsible for fully funding the Swim & Dive programs at Troy High School. Upon acceptance, Swim & Dive relies heavily on a financial contribution of $215 due at the time of Registration to fund the costs needed to run the program. This tax-deductible donation can be paid via Zelle or PayPal. 100% of your generous contribution goes directly to the Swim & Dive Team and qualifies for donation match programs if your company offers one.  Please be advised that the Swim and Dive team does not receive financial support from Troy High School or FJUHSD. 

Nothing beyond the basic essentials for competition: one (1) Troy Swim & Dive uniform swimsuit and one (1) standard swim cap will be provided to those who do not pay the required registration contribution. 


Your paid contributions include: 






Troy Aquatics Booster Association is a qualified 501(c) 3 entity EIN 30-0281785 ID # 27-2411704 and 100% of each registration contribution collected go directly to the swim & dive program at Troy High School. Board meetings are held once a month and are open to parents and students interested in attending. Student-athletes who do not participate in the recommended contribution will receive one (1) swimsuit and one (1) Troy swim cap needed for basic competitions. 



Q: My child played on the Water Polo team. Is it necessary to re-register again and provide a contribution if they join the swim or dive team?


Yes, because the program is funded based on the contributions collected at the start of each year during the new registration period, it is required for each sport throughout the year. This includes water polo players looking to continue conditioning. Each team under the Troy Aquatics umbrella is separately budgeted according to the actual cost for that season. Your contribution to the Swim & Dive team during the registration period is allotted for your athlete to receive the benefits of the Swim & Dive team. Troy Aquatics is a non-profit organization, and each year, the requested contribution is carefully determined by actual costs and voted on by the board members.  Troy High School’s Swim and Dive teams are fully funded and made possible due to the 91.3% collected during the program’s registration period. Without your generous contributions, these teams would not exist and cannot be sustained.

Q: How much experience is required to join the team?


Every athlete (including returning team members) must tryout and qualify to earn a spot on Troy High School’s swim and dive teams. Previous participation does not guarantee a spot on your current level (i.e. Varsity, JV, or Novice.) Tryouts allow our coaching staff to properly assess skill sets and determine which level is best for the team.  Team members must be water-safe and able to meet team standards outlined in team expectations set by the coaching staff.  Swim & Dive members are required to attend full practices for the entire duration of the swim and dive season. While it is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged for all returning swim and dive team members and prospects to attend summer camp, Saturday practices, and winter pre-season training when offered. All athletes will need to attend tryouts regardless of experience. The swim team does conduct harsh cuts and the season roster will be announced before winter break. The dive team is an interest-based program that will begin in Spring.

Q: Does the swim team train all year or only during swim season?


Regular Season practice begins Monday, February 12, 2024. Practices are held six (6) days/week, 2 hours each day with 3K-7K days. Saturday practices begin in January (5K-10K days) leading to the season open, and Summer Camp is held during July which swimmers will participate in dryland training followed by either aerobic, endurance, strength, or speed training.   Dive practice will commence during the Regular Session starting in February. 


Swim team practices are not scheduled on Staff Development Days and over Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring breaks unless noted otherwise. Dive practice during these dates varies and attendance is optional when classes at Troy are not in session.


Q: Does the swim team focus on strength and conditioning training?


Coach Driessen has expressed interest in establishing strength and conditioning dryland sessions for the 2024 spring season.  Her goal is to improve overall performance. Information will be made available via email and online once plans are finalized.



Q: Can athletes continue to train with a club team during spring swim season?


Team members are encouraged to train with a club team during non-season months.  Upon the approval of team coaches, athletes may train with their club during the Regular Season.  This arrangement must be discussed with the coaching staff for approval.



Q: What are the uniform requirements?


Each team athlete is required to represent Troy in the 2024 regulation uniform at all meets and tournaments scheduled for the 2024 season. Our competition JOLYN suits (for girls,) and Arena briefs (for boys,) should be the 2024 solid black uniform, with the Troy Warrior logo imprinted on the lower right hip section of the suit. Swim caps should be the Circle "T" logo.  Technical suits are also an acceptable option and can be purchased here: Troy Warrior Swim & Dive Team Store.



Q: Can additional suits, gear, and merchandise be purchased?


Yes, in addition to the team uniform supplied by Troy Aquatics, additional swimsuits and team merchandise can be purchased online at the Troy Warrior Swim & Dive Team Store. Team gear found on our online store is encouraged, but not mandatory.


Q: Is it required for parents to Volunteer if their student is part of the team?


Yes. It is required that each family volunteer at least one (2) two-hour shift during home meets or sign-up to bring a food donation for the snack bar. Parents are also required to attend a mandatory team meeting which will be held at the discretion of the Boosters and Coaching Staff during the Registration Period.


We are always looking for parents and family members with photography and videography skills to capture our athletes during meets. If this is of interest, please email to let us know!

Q: What can I expect at Summer Swim Camp?


Coach Driessen holds a two-week intensive training session during the summer season. All returning and prospective swim team members are highly encouraged to enroll. Each day, swimmers can expect to spend an hour dry land training to improve overall performance, followed by either aerobic, endurance, strength, or speed training. The last day of the session will be an Intrasquad meet that participants can use as their tryout times. All athletes are required to try out each year to earn a spot.


Swimmers should bring: SPF, running / workout shoes, and athletic wear for dryland training, goggles, cap, swimsuit, towel, fins*, and snorkel. Athletes may need to purchase fins & snorkel to be used throughout the training session and swim season. All other equipment (kickboards, paddles, buoys, and other dryland supplies) are provided. Fins, snorkel, and other swim gear can be conveniently purchased through the Troy High School Swim & Dive Online Team Store. Registration is open to students enrolled at Troy High School and rising freshmen registered for fall classes.


Athlete Clearance must be received and approved by the Troy Athletic Department before the first day of camp. Students can visit Pacific Urgent Care in Fullerton to complete their athletic physical. The cost is $45.

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