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ROOKIE SEASON :: Freshman Set to Create Waves in Their Debut Season at Troy High School

Jan 14, 2024


As waves of excitement and anticipation roll through the halls of Troy High School and the aquatics community, a group of talented freshmen are set to make their mark on the swim team's illustrious history. This influx of fresh faces brings not only youth and vigor but also a diverse range of skills and experiences that promise to elevate the team's performance to new heights.

The boys' roster boasts a lineup of promising swimmers, each with a unique background and a commitment to excellence. Kevin Bian, from Brea Aquatics, joins the varsity squad, ready to showcase his skills in the pool. Jerry Fan, also from Brea Aqautics, and Hanyu Huang from AZOT, both bring varsity-level experience, adding depth and prowess to the team. 

The junior varsity squad welcomes talents like Allex Kim from FAST and Mendge Lin from AAA, each eager to make a splash in their inaugural season.

Embarking on their journey as rookie members of the team's Novice program, freshmen Joshua Alano, Aaron Danufsky, Seungwoo Lee, Chen-Han Lin, Saha Souhardyo, Andrew Tran, Eric Toy, Arjun Vikram, Joshua Wu, and William Yeo are set to dive into the fundamentals of competitive swimming. This level is designed to lay the groundwork for their athletic development at Troy and instill a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork while moving up the ranks. As they navigate the waters of their inaugural season, these young athletes will undoubtedly find valuable mentorship and guidance, fostering their growth as integral members of the Troy Swim Team.

On the girls' side, the freshmen contingent is equally impressive. Emma Gong, a varsity swimmer from FAST, is set to shine, while Evelyn Jiang and Elise Kim, both varsity members, add finesse and determination to the team. Ratana Miller, another varsity athlete from FAST, and Ava Plossel, from Anaheim Aquatics Association on the junior varsity squad, complete the dynamic freshman girls' roster.

Coach Driessen, with her keen eye for talent and dedication to nurturing potential, expresses her excitement about the rookies, saying, "This year's batch of freshmen is truly extraordinary. They bring a blend of passion, talent, and a hunger for improvement that is infectious. We're not just witnessing the addition of new team members; we're witnessing the infusion of fresh energy that will propel our team to greater heights."

As these rookies embark on their first season donning the Warrior colors, they not only represent the future of Troy High School's swim team but also embody the spirit of camaraderie and competition that defines the sport. Their journey is not just about personal accomplishments but about contributing to the collective success of the team.

With a diverse mix of backgrounds, swim clubs, and aspirations, the freshmen swimmers of Troy High School's swim team are poised to make this season memorable. As they dive into the waters of their rookie season, the echoes of Coach Driessen's encouragement resonate, setting the stage for a season of growth, teamwork, and triumph. Troy High School's aquatics program is not just welcoming new talent; it is nurturing the next generation of champions.


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