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Dec 31, 2023

Troy High School's swim team surges to victory in 2023 making it a season of broken records and "the fastest season in over a decade."

Fullerton, CA - December 31, 2023Troy High School's Swim Team, led by Head Coach Summer Driessen, has rewritten the narrative of success in the Southern California swimming circuit during the 2022-2023 season. The team's triumphant season during Coach Driessen's inaugural coaching debut proved that stellar guidance has solidified its status as a powerhouse, securing multiple championships and etching an enduring legacy in both school and league history.

It's no wonder she earned the Coach of the Year Award for Swimming at the Freeway League Championships in May.

Coach Driessen's strategic leadership propelled the Boys Varsity team to clinch the 2023 Freeway League Championship, a monumental achievement complemented by top rankings in the CIF Southern Section Division 1 for Men's Short Course Yards (SCY) Dual and Men's SCY Championship.

The team's individual brilliance shone as six swimmers earned the prestigious title of 2023 All-League Recipients, and an impressive 13 qualifiers emerged for the CIF-SS Championship. The diversification across events showcased the team's versatility and expansive skill set.

The apex of the season unfolded at the 2023 CIF State Championship, where Troy High School's swimmers displayed their prowess as they set new standards, with standout performances in the 500 Free (Luke Leon Guerrero, Kevin Yum,) 200 Free Relay (Ty Leon Guerrero, Kevin Yum, Tony Zheng, and Theo Sohn,) and 400 Free Relay (Kevin Yum, Theo Sohn, Luke Leon Guerrero, and Tony Zheng.)

Throughout the season, records fell like dominos, reshaping school and league history. Tony Zheng's swift school record in the 50 Freestyle at 20.95 and Ty Leon Guerrero's record-breaking 100 Breaststroke at 59.06 were defining moments. The 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay teams shattered Freeway League Records, leaving an indelible legacy.

Acknowledging these extraordinary achievements was, 12-time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte, as highlighted the importance of sportsmanship in competitive swimming in a shout out to the Warriors congratulating them on a remarkable season. Superintendent Steve McLaughlin and Board Trustee Joanne Fawley commended Coach Driessen and the swimmers during the June 2023 Board Meeting, recognizing their exceptional accomplishments and record-breaking performances.

Joseph Buehler, Natalee Winberg, and Dana Zins were recognized as the 2023 Most Improved Swimmers, exemplifying dedication to continuous growth. Jacob Pan and Benji Lee earned the 2023 Frosh | Soph MVP Award, setting a high standard for the team's future. Ryan Qi and Anya Pramanick received the 2023 JV MVP award, showcasing the team's depth. Celeste Flores and Theo Sohn, were named the 2023 Most Outstanding, set a benchmark for skill and sportsmanship.

The highest honor, the 2023 Varsity MVP, was awarded to Kevin Yum and graduating senior Captain Kaylee Leong. Their exceptional talent, leadership, and contributions to the varsity squad underscored their status as standout performers.

In conclusion, Troy High School's Swim Team, under the visionary coaching of Summer Driessen, has not only secured championships and broken records but has created a legacy of resilience, sportsmanship, and unwavering dedication. The 2022-2023 season will be remembered for the indomitable spirit of the athletes, marking a cherished chapter in Troy High School's proud history.


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