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12-Time Olympian Ryan Lochte Gives Shout Out and Support to Troy High School's Swim Team

Dec 1, 2023


A Champion's Salute: Ryan Lochte Inspires Troy High School Swim Team

The Troy High School Swim Team received a monumental boost as 12-time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte recorded a heartfelt message in anticipation of the upcoming 2024 spring season. Lochte, a name synonymous with swimming greatness, took a moment to congratulate the Troy Warriors on their extraordinary achievements in the 2023 season, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter.

In his special message, Lochte lauded the Troy Warriors for their stellar performance throughout the 2023 season, highlighting their remarkable journey to the CIF States last May. The team's exceptional accomplishments were exemplified by the shattering of seven school and league records, a testament to their unwavering dedication and skill in the pool. As a seasoned athlete who has stood atop the Olympic podium 12 times, Lochte's recognition adds a touch of prestige to the Warriors' accomplishments.

Beyond the records and victories, Lochte emphasized a crucial aspect of athletics—sportsmanship. The Olympic medalist underscored the importance of fair play, teamwork, and respect for competitors. Lochte's message serves as a reminder to the Troy High School Swim Team that success extends beyond the stopwatch; it encompasses the values of integrity and camaraderie that define true champions.

The Troy Warriors now embark on the 2024 spring season with Lochte's words echoing in their minds, carrying the inspiration of an Olympic legend. As they dive into the challenges and triumphs that await, Lochte's message becomes a rallying call for the team to not only chase records but to embody the spirit of sportsmanship that elevates athletes to greatness.

The anticipation for the upcoming season is now charged with the energy and encouragement from a swimming icon, creating a sense of unity and purpose within the Troy High School Swim Team. With Lochte's message resonating in their hearts, the Warriors are poised to make waves not only in the pool but also in upholding the principles that make them true champions both in and out of the water.

Ryan Lochte has:

  • 4 Olympic Appearances

  • 12 Olympic Medals

  • 90 International Medals (52 Gold)

  • 2x FINA Swimmer of the Year

  • 2x US Swimmer of the Year

  • 24x NCAA All-American

  • 7x NCAA Champion

  • 200 IM World Record Holder

  • Holds all IM SC Records

Please follow @ryanlochte on Instagram to show him our appreciation for the message and support.

Have a great season, Warriors!

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